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Can you imagine working for a Cab Company, and making a minimum of $20 to $25 an hour as a Taxi driver or a delivery driver for third party company. This would be real news and welcoming by the recipients to hear. The new rate would take effect in 2025 and it is proposal made in New York for delivery service . It would be one of the first laws of its kind in the U.S., and represents the latest attack on the third-party delivery model. That would be a significant raise from the workers’ current average hourly wage of $7.09 before tips, according to the city. It’s intended to level the playing field between contracted couriers and regular minimum-wage earners.

It is just a new development to encourage those providing the service. Before such proposal could reach same service in Georgia(GA), this may take long time or never. For instance, Taxi, Cabs in Augusta GA- Augusta Taxi Company, Tel number 706 513 1584 in GA has significantly low Taxi fare rates than many other big cities like Atlanta, Chicago, LA and others. Since Uber and Lyft have taken over most rides that used to be by Cab Companies, the Taxi industry suffered huge losses, however those Taxi Companies are now returning gradually due to shortage of ride hail company drivers who jerked up prices and sometimes are more than expensive than Cabs'. Third-party couriers are classified as independent contractors and therefore not paid a minimum wage. They’re also not entitled to other benefits such as expense reimbursement and health insurance.

New York’s proposal would seek to help its roughly 60,000 app-based delivery workers cover those costs by guaranteeing them a $19.86 hourly base rate, plus $2.26 for expenses like gas or repairs and $1.70 to make up for the absence of workers’ compensation.

The city noted that delivery workers are injured at a higher rate than any other industry. It has recorded 33 delivery worker deaths since 2020 and said that 29% of couriers that use bikes or mopeds have been seriously injured on the job.

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