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Gun Shot Inside A Movie Theater While Getting A Taxi Service

A shooting at Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field left one man in the hospital and another one in jail. This happened few year ago. Witnesses were left in a state of disbelief after hearing a gun shot in the Taxi Cab parking lot near the passenger terminal. Some of the witnesses were drivers working for Augusta Taxi Company with telephone number 7065131584, Yellow Cab, Paradise Cab and others trying to work and pay their bills. All of this took place in the middle of crime scene investigators doing their job. This was an uncommon scene at Augusta GA Airport where crime level is close to zero. But it happened anyway. Even in the CSRA, thankfully there has never been an instance of someone shooting in a movie theater unlike somewhere in Chicago - Midwestern United States and the Great Lakes region. Gun shots were fired on Saturday night when two males were involved in a fight inside the theater. One of them pulled out a gun and seven shots were fired into the air. Luckily no one was hit by stray bullet, however both men where arrested and the theater was quickly evacuated by police in the area.

A driver working for a Ride Hail Company got into dispute with his passenger over a fare while dropping him off at the theater according to police. The passenger refused to pay all the fare so he was followed by the driver and argument ensued. The so called passenger had a gun which dropped from his pocket while going in the escalator during argument, the driver picked up the gun and fired it into the air. Both of the were arrested by Police in the area. Driver was charged with reckless discharge of fire arm while the passenger faces one count charge of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

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