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So much money to be made as Lyft driver

Recently there was an article circulating on the internet about how much money could be made working as a Taxi Service or as Ride hail driver. Depending on what part of country you live, stories are similar when considering what Ride hail companies show customers and their drivers on their phones for same rides. As I was writing this article, I could remember my experience as a driver who has in the past been in both lines of job(Cab Service, and Ride hail driver) picking up in cities like Augusta, Waynesboro, Wrens, Thomson, Appling, Evans, Grovetown, Harlem, Martinez, Hephzibah in GA and dropping people off after night out in North Augusta, Clearwater, Aiken, Clarks Hill, Edgefield, Beech Island in SC. Each line of driver job has its up and down. Working as any of them has bad and good days. The good days been you may be lucky with great tip from your customers if they are having great days and nothing promising from either when business is really slow. One thing is certain though-with terrible experiences faced by Cab drivers especially when ride hail companies came into the market, it has not been easy recuperating from the harsh treatments from ride hail(Uber and Lyft) especially.

The two giants are now doing everything they can to maximize profit through use of different algorithms to up their profit margin through their drivers and customers. One of their strategies is what transpires between Ride hail drivers and their passengers in regard to the amount paid by customers and what the driver is been shown on their phones. For example, a guy recently worked as Lyft driver. He was shocked after working for a week about how much money Lyft charged his customers and how much of that money went into his pocket as a driver for that company. According to him, during his friendly conversation with his passenger while on the road, they became so friendly that She asked him if he loved his job for which said he was on the lookout for another one. She was surprised to hear it being that Lyft had charged her $59 for a six mile ride(She showed him on her phone as proof) due to extremely high demand at that time of Halloween night. After all, that was a lot of money for him to make. After dropping her off, he opened his phone and saw that the base fare on his phone that Lyft showed him was $16.52. Luckily he was tipped $8.96 by his generous customer making him total of $25.48 for the trip while Lyft's was $42.48 As claimed, that was his most lucrative trip that week. Had he not been given tip, he would have been paid just 28% for the trip by Lyft. The question is this: Is it worth it? Answer is Yes and No depending on who you ask, If you live in a big city and work where demand is really high for ride hail and you make $25.48 for a six mile trip with a vehicle consuming 25 to 30 miles gas per gallon, regardless of your location radius to that customer, you can still pocket $20 at least for such a short ride. Lucky you living in big cities though, however if in small cities like Augusta, Evans, Grovetown, Waynesboro in GA or North Augusta, Beech Island, Clearwater in SC, that opportunity may take much longer hours and or lot of gas to achieve.

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