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Teen Jumped Out of Lyft Taxi Cab driver's vehicle due to fear

A teenager ordered Lyft to be taken back to her house after work but was seriously injured after she jumped out the vehicle due to its driver's suspicious behavior. The young lady was inside Lyft vehicle when the driver started behaving erratically. First, he asked the teenage girl if she had a boyfriend.

''‘How many boys flirted with you?’ He said that right away,” she said. “‘Oh, you just look good. I would date you if you weren’t so young.’”

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Meanwhile as the teenager said, after two minutes of driver's behavior, Bowden says the driver then sprayed something she says made her dizzy and warm. She believes she was feeling drugged.

“When I got in his car, it did smell like cigarettes, so when he sprayed one time, it was already like, ‘Oh, it no longer smelled like that.’ But for you to keep spraying it, then roll your windows up, like, I know it’s not about me being nervous or anything,” she said. The terrifying experience ultimately led the 17-year-old to make the potentially life-threatening decision to jump out of the moving car.

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